Harding Facing Flux for welding wire or flux cored wire

SJ102 Submerged Arc Welding Flux SJ102 TECHNICAL DATA 1.Specifications:EN760 SA FB 2 55 AC H5    2.Description:                               &nb

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SJ102 Submerged Arc Welding Flux 
EN760 SA FB 2 55 AC H5    

SJ102 is an agglomerated fluoride-basic type flux.
Metallurgical behavior: low silicon pick up. The behavior of manganese is neutral.
Grain size: 10-60 mesh.
Basicity: 2.7(B//W).
SJ102 can assure very pure weld metal,very low level of residue elements in all-weld which will perform excellent resistance to crack. The slag removal is easy at high temperature,with smooth and defect free weld bead appearance.
Dam flux should be re-dried at 300-350ºC for 2 hours. Rust,grease and moisture on the weldment should be removed before welding.

For surfacing/hardfacing/cladding of rollers for continuous casting,steel rolling,transporting,and also some kinds of wearproof materials,etc.
The flux is suited to combine with high alloy wire(sold wire or flux-cored wire),such as 414,414N,410NiMoV,and 13%Cr series of flux-cored wires or sold wires.

4.Welding Recommendation
Suitable for single wire hardfacing multi-layer
Preheation and interpass temperature 150-250ºC

Chemical Composition(%)
SiO2+TiO2Al2O3+MnOCaO+MgOFeOCaF2  S P
Mechanical Performance of the Deposited Metal
Composition of wire0.25-0.551.0-2.0≤0.60≤0.30≤0.3511.5-14.50.83-4
Composition of deposited metal 0.0691.450.270.0180.02512.470.723.13
Hardness of surfacing welding layer HRC45+2
The Instruction of usages:
The oil soil,moisture,iron rust and other foreign substances must be removed from the welding joint.
The welding flux must be baked under 300-350ºC for 2 hours before welding.

Welding Flux Product Picture 
Harding Facing Flux for Sold Wire or Flux-Cored Wire
Harding Facing Flux for Sold Wire or Flux-Cored Wire

Company Brief Introduction

(1)Company Name:LaiWu HuLin Welding Material Co.,Ltd
(2)Company Website:hlweldingflux.en.made-in-china.com
(3)Main Products:
    Submerged Arc Welding Flux
    Welding Wire
(4)Best Selling Product Models:
    Welding Flux:SJ101,SJ101G,SJ102,SJ301,SJ501,HJ107,HJ260,HJ431
    Welding Wire:ER70S-6
(5)Quality System:ISO9001:2000
(6)Year Established:1999
(7)Brand Name:Panding Brand
(8)Annual Capac
ity:12000 metric tons of agglomerated flux 
                             10000 metric tons of fused flux

Packing & Shipping Details:
(1)Bag:25 KGS/Kraft Bag With Plastic Lining Inside
(2)Pallet:40 Bags(1 Ton)/Plywood Pallet
(3)Container:20-24 Tons/Container
(4)OEM Packing Design Can Be Accept According To Your Requirement

Harding Facing Flux for Sold Wire or Flux-Cored Wire
Harding Facing Flux for Sold Wire or Flux-Cored Wire
Harding Facing Flux for Sold Wire or Flux-Cored Wire


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